Freezer Meals

Many people have asked what goes into my freezer meals and what is a freezer meal. To keep it simple a freezer meal is a meal you prepare ahead of time in a baggie or container. I also consider them a "dump all" meal meaning you dump the whole bag into a crock pot. This … Continue reading Freezer Meals

Steals and deals

This week I have found some great sales. How many of you love a good bargain?  Do you search through different sites to find the best ones? Do you make your list and check it twice? Every Wednesday the newspaper with the weekly circulars come to my house. I briefly look through them before deciding … Continue reading Steals and deals

Meal Prep Storage

Food storage is essential in meal prepping especially for my family. With a baby on the way, I want to make sure that we can still eat healthy with minimal runs to the grocery store. As you saw in my last post, I talked briefly at the bottom about food storage. Food storage can mean … Continue reading Meal Prep Storage