Homemade Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes Galore! My tomato plant is blossoming but they are all still green. I am so ready for some of them to turn red, I have been able to harvest 6 of them. My mother in law is a big canner so I learned how to can veggies from her. I could eat cherry tomatoes like candy all day long, so sweet and small. ecf1a7d9-ef39-45ff-85ae-0561a90eae02.jpegBack to making tomato sauce, you need to make sure everything is prepped. Start by boiling some water and getting a bowl of ice water ready. next submerge the tomatoes into hot water, as soon as the skin starts to crack move them into the ice water and peel the skin off. Move them into a bowl on the side. This process is called Blanching.

After you blanch them, cut them into 1/4s and cook them in a saucepan. After they start to separate, use a blender or a blender wand to liquify your tomatoes. If you want to add basil do it while it is cooking in the sauce pan. If it is too thin, add 1-2 tsp to it. Store in mason jars and seal the lids until ready to use

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