Waiting for baby…

So much has happened in the month of May so far! We are almost all unpacked thank goodness but mostly I have learned that there’s so many things I can no longer do being 39 weeks 6 days pregnant (due date May 31). I can’t move furniture or take lots of trips up and down to the basement. I am just ready for this little lady to get here already!  Hopefully, she comes soon so we can have some sort of order to our lives.

Many of you might not know this about me, on top of being a meal blogger/prepper, I own an etsy store. I sell cute little things like hair bows, headbands, and piggy banks and just started to branch out and sell things for boys like neckties connected to onesies. If you have any interest in what I sell/make check out the sales at bowsandpiggys.com. If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to contact me off of the webpage or shoot me an email at bowsnpiggys@gmail.com.

Enough of a side note, I am ready for this little lady to join us. My husband and I have been waiting patiently and I am now getting exhausted over every little thing! I was hoping not to make it to 40 weeks (aka 10 months) but she might just want to hang out in here. I also wanted to inform you, I probably won’t be posting as much when she first arrives. I have made 7 different freezer meals for my family and I to eat for dinners and I am hoping my husband will make healthy lunches for us if I leave out the recipes.

Fingers crossed she comes soon and I can get my root canal on time!


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