Steals and deals

This week I have found some great sales. How many of you love a good bargain?  Do you search through different sites to find the best ones? Do you make your list and check it twice? Every Wednesday the newspaper with the weekly circulars come to my house. I briefly look through them before deciding what I am going to make for the week.

This week for me is all about prepping for the baby. I follow “Clean Monday Meals” on Instagram and she talks about all these meals you can make ahead of time. She provides a list of ingredients and how to cook them after they have been in your freezer. Well I am sure after this little one comes the first thing I won’t want to do is cook a meal for my family, hence freezer meals. I am excited to try some of them out and I promise I will let you know how they go.

Anyways back to the great deals:

Aldi has family pack chicken breasts for $1.69/lb. When you are meal prepping you try to find the cheapest meat products as well as the most cost efficient for your family. So I don’t eat a lot of meat, my husband is the meat eater but I will eat ground turkey and chicken on the regular. That’s why you will notice a lot of my recipes I find other ways to get protein without having to consume meat products.


Also found some great deals at Schnucks today. They have avocados for $1.00 each and they are ripe. They also have boneless pork butt for $1.19/lb. Boneless pork butt is another thing I can put in the freezer and cook at a later date. I will preseason it since its hard to season when frozen and then cut it into pieces for faster cooking time. I prefer to cook mine in the crockpot.

Make sure you check your weekly circulars to find the best deals for your family. I know it takes time but in reality you save so much. This week I stayed under budget yet again!

5 breakfasts + 10 lunches + 10 dinners + 7 freezer meals = $80.00

A freezer meal baggie feeds us 4 times (which means it has 4 servings or 2 days worth), so that’s 28 additional meals! So think that’s 53 meals at $1.51 a meal. You can’t even eat out at that cost!

Share with me in the comments some of your favorite places to shop and score great deals! Happy bargain shopping and have a great Memorial Day!

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