How to be successful

So in an earlier post I wrote how to meal prep, well while this one is similar it focuses more on how to be successful in your meal prep. I have already talked about organization and how to plan your week in Meal Prepping. How I meal prep but everyone is a little bit different. There are a few steps on how to be successful that I found useful when I was first starting off.

  1. Pick the day you want to prep — a lot of my friends who meal prep, prep their meals on Sunday. Since I go to church every Sunday I prefer to prep Saturday mornings. It gives me the sense of being done with a big item on my list. Meal prepping isn’t easy, but it really does help if you stay organized and build it into your weekly routine.
  2. Know your numbers — FIRST you need to figure out how many meals you are going to make. Are you just making lunches and for how many people? Are you going to be brave and make all your meals ahead of time, I am talking breakfast, lunch and dinner? By knowing how many meals you need to make along with how many people you need to feed will help you when you sit down and work on that shopping list of yours. SECOND what’s your daily intake? Are you cooking just to make your life easier or are you cooking for a purpose? “Cooking for a Purpose” is more about watching your carb intake as well as your protein and caloric. When our little one comes, we are switching back to the “Low Carb” lifestyle.
  3. Be basic, it’s okay — sometimes fancy foods sound more appetizing, let me tell you this, they don’t always hold up the best. If you are only meal prepping once a week like I do are those bacon wrapped dates really a good idea if you prepped Saturday morning and its Thursday at lunch time? Sure they may have been awesome still on Wednesday but come Thursday they are horrible. Remember to pick things that are easy to cook and hold up well.
  4. Go shopping — now comes what I like to call the fun part: grocery shopping. I like to look for the best deals, yes I am that girl. I make my list then I look through my circulars and mark on my list of ingredients where I can get the best deals and where my coupons will be most affective. Then I make a new list of the items I need at each store. This is where those numbers we talked about earlier come into play. I also like to think of it as a game, the better deal I can get the more money I can save. The more money I can save, the better date night we can have! If I set my budget at $100 for the week and I only spend $60, there’s $40 we can use towards an awesome date night or even put aside and use towards a weekend day trip!
  5. Invest — I know sometimes we don’t want to spend the money on food containers, mason jars or even a lunch box. If you are going to meal prep and you don’t work from home, I highly suggest a good container. I suggest these ones: Meal Prep Containers with 3 compartments.  They are great, they are portion sized as well as dishwasher/microwave/freezer safe.  We also use the 16 oz Wide Mouth Mason Jars. These are great for tacos in a jar, salads and holding things like homemade dressings, pasta salads, etc. I love the mason jars because they are compact and I don’t need to buy a lunch box, a plus is that they don’t take up a lot of space in my fridge.

If you are interested in learning more about these 5 steps,  please visit this site. Body Building is where I found a lot of my information when first starting out. I like to give credit and link sites where and when it is due.

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