Reinventing Leftovers

As promised, here is the recipe for leftovers from the Mother’s Day post.

Recipe for Reinventing Leftovers:

·   leftover pasta (about 1/2 the package)

·   leftover ground beef

·   4 cups of left over cheese

Additional ingredients needed:

·   2 cups of Fat free or 2% milk

·   2 tbsp flour

·   3 tbsp butter

·   seasonings: paprika, sea salt, pepper


1. add 1 cup of milk to a sauce pan on your stove along with the 3 tbsp of butter

2.reduce heat and slowly whisk in the 2 tbsp of flour, keep whisking until it is smooth and you don’t see flour clumps

3. add the rest of the milk (1 cup in) on the low heat and continue to whisk (keeping the heat low will help prevent the milk from curding)

4.bring temperature back up to medium and bring it to a soft boil (this allows it to thicken up a bit)

5. add in your cheeses (4 cups total) I used leftover cheddar and Mexican cheeses

6.add in your spices/seasonings about 1 tbsp of each

7. mix in your pasta and ground beef

8.let it warm up and lower the heat so your cheese sauce doesn’t burn

9.Serve with a veggie!

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