Frequently Wondered Facts

favorite spices – sea salt, ground black pepper, paprika and garlic salt/powder (yes I know there’s a difference)

what’s your background- my mom’s side of the family is Hungarian and my dad’s side of the family is Swedish, Norwegian and Welsh.

Did you grow up in the church– No, I grew up catholic and then in 2014 I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It’s a long story that if your lucky I will share with you another time.

Things I don’t eat – cauliflower soup, for obvious reasons all nut and peanut products. Sausage on my pizza is another thing I won’t eat, sorry to rebel!

Where did you learn to cook – my mom taught me a lot, not a lot about spices so those I have learned through the years. Both of my grandmas where pretty savvy in the kitchen and I have learned a few tricks from friends along the way. Sorry to say but no culinary degree for me.

is it hard to cook with allergies – I have been allergic to peanuts and nuts my whole life so I don’t really know anything different. Potlucks are one of the hardest things for me to attend because you have to find the person who made the dish and ask them what’s in it, I mean I would prefer not to use my epi-pen and have to go to the hospital over a cookie or something. I think the most challenging things are people who say “oh you cant eat it because your allergic”, well hate to break it to you but you just motivated me to try to make it without my allergy.


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