About me

I have struggled with allergies my entire life, going out to eat and finding recipes that work for me has always been a constant struggle. Foods with peanuts, nuts, coconut, nutmeg, etc. are all off limits (I go into anaphylactic shock). My foods have always consisted of mostly “comfort food” or what I like to call “comfort food.” My husband has always thought of it as healthy, but its what I am most “comfort”able cooking.

Since my allergies restrict me from cooking certain foods or eating out, I have developed different ways for myself and my growing family to enjoy them. I am the only one in my household so far (just had a baby) that has a known food allergy. My goal is to teach her how to not be afraid of cooking and to take risks. I don’t want her to be afraid just because her mom has an allergy.

One thought on “About me

  1. Pam Werstak says:

    I will enjoy following your blog! I know you’re a great cook with lots of fun ideas for food.

    Good luck on your new adventures! Especially your new adventure as a mom!

    Love, pam


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